Katherine and Clayton

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Our story

Kath & Clay met at orientation for grad school at University of Denver. Throughout their first year of classes, they became closer friends, bonding over sports and trying to make sitting in class (again) a little more fun. Eventually, Clay decided to ask Kath out and won her over by taking her to one of her favorite restaurants in the city. They survived grad school together - Clay helping Kath with anything numbers-related, and Kath helping Clay understand how marketing works. When Kath spent the summer back home in Chicago for an internship, Clay realized he couldn't live with out her.

A few months later, most of which Kath spent begging Clay to get a dog, they brought Reese home - an Australian Shepherd, who they fondly refer to as "Potato". She's proudly their sidekick adventuring throughout Colorado and on road trips to Dallas, and she pulls them over daily whenever she sees her best friends (squirrels) on neighborhood walks.

Kath & Clay fell for Denver together and are loving getting settled in their house and new neighborhood. They're excited to see everyone in Colorado to celebrate with you all in September!