What is the schedule for the weekend?

Please refer to the "Events" page. We have also suggested things to do during any free time you have on the "Things to do" page.

What should I wear to Welcome Drinks?

Nicer-casual attire is recommended for Friday. Wear what you feel comfortable, but no ties or dresses are required! You may want to bring a jacket or something to wear after the sun goes down - even if it's warm during the day.

What should I wear to the wedding?

Cocktail attire is requested. Same as Friday evening, we recommend bringing a jacket or something to wear after the sun goes down.

What is the best way to get around?

We recommend renting a car for easy access to hikes and things to do throughout the weekend, but Ubers/Lyfts are also available. Ride shares can be difficult to get when you're returning from some hike locations.

Friday: Ubers/Lyfts are the best way to get to Welcome Drinks on Friday. Schedule or plan to order one early - they may be a little difficult to get one due to the CU/CSU game on Saturday. Alternatively, The Teahouse is also about a 25 minute walk from the hotels.

Saturday: Shuttles to/from the wedding venue (from Embassy Suites/Hilton Garden Inn) will be provided. Shuttles will leave at 4pm from the front of the Embassy Suites for the ceremony. We highly recommend taking the shuttle due to limited parking near the venue + the game traffic/limited ride shares.

Are kids invited?

Although we love your little ones, due to space restrictions, this is an adult-only affair. We hope you can enjoy a relaxing weekend away!

Is there an after party?

The reception will end at 11pm. We would love to continue celebrating with anyone who is interested afterwards . We are planning to head to Rosetta Hall (off of Pearl Street) for an unofficial after party, and shuttles will drop off there before continuing to the hotels at the end of the evening.